Somalia’s notorious and ragtag federalism led and propelled the country into an astray. As Somalia is still fragile state and conflict-ridden country, enormous countries, mainly from the neighboring countries are meddling the internal affairs of Somalia and exploiting its resources illicitly. Verily, Kenya and Ethiopia both are the most meddlers in Somalia’s internal affairs. Somalia’s reckless and self-served politicians are getting support from these countries which is utterly and completely (Out of the frying Pan and into the Fire). And each and every one of these puppet rulers run pet projects in order to exhilarate his/her puppeteer. That is why, Somalia’s solution becomes amok and convoluted. While, the relationship among the Somalia’s politicians became frenemy, conspiracy, recrimination, grudge, vendetta for the sake of the problems of yore and so on and so forth. And they peep out each other utopian and Mujamalo devoid of reality and tranquility within.

I am not negating that; Fumigating politics is quite hectic and double-dare as once observed Machiavelli (Politics has no Morality), but at least there should be some consensus, tradeoff and compromise. Because, challenging, rebuking, pushing back each other without wisdom and renounce can crunch the common interests. Challenging for the better option and constructive opposition, worth opponents is demandable, commendable and acceptable for eschewing complacent and covering up the incumbent’s blindside. Those in the office must confront forfeit for the sake of their fore misdeed otherwise they become demigods.

The other side of the coin, the federal government of Somalia takes temerity of unseating the regional state’s leaders and superseding sheepish leaders who at least can mimic and emulate their political vision. Plenty of political commentators demystified that, the FGS under Farmajo-Kheyre lead abnegate the federal system which Somalia takes constitutionally in 2004. In this regard, the federal government of Somalia interfered the latest election in Southwest administration, and unseated the long-runner of that area his Excellency Sharif Hassan. Additionally, the federal government arrested the former Alshabaab commander Abu-Mansoor via Ethiopian troops under federal government’s greenlight. Tremendous people pontificated that, arresting Abu-Mansoor and denying his candidacy was right decision. While, some other believe that, Mansour’s abnegation for the contest was illegal.

On the other hand, the federal government one more time engaged deeply and profoundly the Galmudug administration. The FGS’s meddling in the internal affairs of Galmudug administration was at the right time. Because, the situation in that region was exacerbating by day. And there are plenty of armed to the teeth who are bestriding that administration, the so-called Ahlusunna, and the fragile Galmudug administration under the outgoing president XAAF. Also, within XAAF’s administration, there was an infighting. So, prime minister Kheyre pays some long days in Galmudug’s regions, and he did so many commendable things including intermingling Ahlusunna’s militants into the official Somali government’s troops.

The other side of the table, the FGS was anticipating treating Jubbaland like the previous administrations, namely Southwest and Galmudug administrations. In this respect, the FGS were pushing behind the curtain plenty of candidates who were contesting Jubbaland’s latest election including current and former ministries, veteran poliicians and other outstanding politicians. The aim of the FGS was to vanquish and replace the incumbent president Ahmed Madobe by any means.

This surreal from the FGS was vanished after Madobe prevails the latest election in Jubbaland. When the Jubbaland’s parliament re-elected Ahmed, aka Madobe, instantly few other politicians announced and evoked that, they have been get elected as the new presidents of the Jubbaland administration including Mp Abdirashid , aka Xidig, Seeraar, former Raskambon’s spokesman and others. Knowingly, that each one of these self-proclaimed to be the president declared his win while he remainshispersonal residence.

Meanwhile, Skeikh Shakuul , well-known businessman who is also one of the contesters against the incumbent Ahmed Madobe renounced his challenge with Ahmed Madobe, and said “ I renounce to my self-proclamation of Jubbaland’s president for the sake of the common interest”

Why Kenya supports Ahmed Madobe?!

In my gut feeling, in this competitive world nobody gives you a hand without quid pro quo and tantamount. Kenya is not backing Madobe for blessing him, but Kenya supports Ahmed for their political mileage. Because, Kenya has an outstanding and melt down with Somalia for the case of the Somalia’s sea. And they want just to challenge with the Somalia’s government via Ahmed Madobe as proxy.

In this regard, I totally against the meddlers of Somalia’s internal affairs, the so-called Ethiopia and Kenya. Because, they expedite Somalia’s conflict for détente. And en masse, FGS’s pro Ethiopian, and Jubbaland’s pro Kenyan interference is totally deplorable and reprehensible. Because, both the FGS and Jubbaland can’t be tended convincing Kenya-Ethiopia’s insatiable demand for Somalia’s resources and rights.


  • The Federal Government of Somalia should refrain and dodge allowing Ethiopia’s interference in Somalia’s internal affairs
  • Jubbaland should eschew and stop greenlighting Kenya for the internal affairs of Somalia
  • The conflicting parts in Jubbaland should renounce each other for the posterity’s sake
  • Somalis should and must aware of that, Kenya and Ethiopia are not willing the stability and the tranquility of Somalia for the sake of their clandestine interests

Keyboard warriors are pervading and metastasizing the conflicting messages

 Nowadays, there are social media infamous groups who tended spreading misinformation, hate speeches, shares, post, tweets, retweets any message which can trigger feud, animosity among the conflicting sides for just collecting some moneys from the both sides. These notorious groups are participating negatively the problem and ratcheting up the deadlock. They just demonize, vilify the one they against, while they bless and exaggerate the one they support. I say to these reckless group (Bearer of bad tidings to the king must get flogged (War xun ukeenaha Boqorka waa in la karbaashaa)